We are here to design & build the future of your company's Technology & People

Developing innovative IT related product and services is not a simple process, it requires understanding, planning and implementation. These implementations are constantly improving through A/B split testings and conducting experiments on users to assure we are delivering customers and clients what they want. If your technology works, so does your company

Our Services work on three key solutions 


1.IT Offshore Captive Centre

We create and operate along with you, your offshore IT centre in turning your idea into a leading digital services. Whether you are a large organisation with development needs or a start up company requiring technical help from start to finish, we will be there for you. 

With an in dept workshop our experienced team will gather the right strategy and roadmap best fit for you and your project.

Our clients have the option of either taking full control of the project from the office, infrastructure to our people or provide SAI to work along with the client to deliver the project. We provide our clients the full flexibility they require. We can work with you whether it is onsite or offsite. 

2.Bringing an ambitious project to life with a long term collaboration

Do you have a disruptive business idea, we partner up with companies and start ups requiring IT tech solutions to build, maintain and support everyday IT requirements. We love to work with all different sectors from IT, insurance, retail, automobile, healthcare and the list goes on. Our sole aim is to get you the right IT support your business deserves. We help founders put in action to their ideas for the long term partnership over the lifecycle of your business. We help whether its the beginning or the middle of your project.

We will act as your IT partner in assuring that you get the right support to build your service or product whereas the client will have full visibility and control on the direction of the project. This allows non technical founders to have all the control while we do the technical work for you. 


3.Providing the right Human Augmentation for your projects

Connecting businesses with the best IT candidate for your projects. We work with leading companies. We source professionals with the right experience and skills who can contribute to your teams and deliver complex digital projects within your specific scope whether they are on a contract or full-time basis. 

When recruiting people, you need them as soon as possible. Whether due to team expansion, staff departures or fast-paced growth, we respond quickly to change within your business and work collaboratively to help you find the right fit for you and your company. 

How does our on-boarding process work?

Once you decide to come onboard with SAI we follow a simply couple of steps in assuring that your on-boarding, planning, implementation and maintaining goes as smooth as possible.

1. Define

  • Discuss the idea by discovering the problem and finding right solution

  • Understand what the criteria

  • Build a business model with a value proposition in mind 

2. Design

  • Build a roadmap, wireframe and prototype

  • UX/UI team to work on design

3. Development

  • Providing clients with their own personal team

  • Understanding which codes, development process and review strategy

  • Developing the product or service

4. Testing

  • Testing & Quality Management Assurance

  • Client Feedback

5. Deploy & Maintain

  • Launch the service/product once approved

  • Maintain an ongoing experiment

  • Monthly Analysis

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Request a consultation to tell us more about your venture and we'll arrange for a call to help you find a solution


We're here to help your company digitally transform itself to compete with the current market and bring new technology to your clients and customers. SAI also provide the below technical help in improving your business. Let your company do business anywhere, anytime!

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We create your personalised or template based web and mobile applications that are not only stunning but also result driven. We will provide you with the final product, monthly analysis and constant development to keep you ahead of your competition. We become your design and Development partners.


SAI have partnered up with Saarthi to use their proprietary frameworks. An outcome based solutions around simple bots, enhance sales and brand loyalty, reduce operational cost and increase agent productivity. Saarthi is amongst the Top 20 Conversational AI Vendors globally.

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Secure, optimise and speed up your cloud migration service with SAI in order to enhance customer experience. Our managed cloud services allow clients to focus on their core business. Leveraging automated tools and work practices, we manage the infrastructure provisioning and maintenance on your behalf.


Our strategic IT consulting team will help you automate and digitalise operations, optimise the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies to keep you ahead of the market. With a strong tech and consulting background we put the best minds to create a comprehensive IT strategy.

Being ambitious is the first step towards a great platform and service, hence why we make future products and services to help you build, adapt and remain ahead in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

If you think we'd be a good fit for your project and collaborate as partners we'd be happy to connect!

How do we
work together as PARTNERS?